Algy's Bintree Birdseeds

Established in 2001 by a family run farm in the heart of Norfolk, the idea was to produce 100% British, GM Free and locally grown birdseed.

Bintree Bird Seeds specialises in the production of quality home grown seeds, from straight black sunflower and specialist mixed seed blends. Mixed blends include ‘High Energy’ with a higher oilseed content, mixed corn, and a range of small bird feeds including canary, budgie, and aviary mixes. Bintree Bird Seeds also offer a range of bespoke mixes made to order.

Sunflower seeds are fantastically attractive to a wide range of common garden birds especially the tit and finch family. Locally grown sunflowers provide an ideal alternative to peanuts and have the benefit of complete traceability.

Black Sunflower

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